Our team of professional UAV operators provide Public Safety Agencies with professional aerial thermal imaging.

Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Search and Rescue Services - Steel City Drones
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Search And Rescue Services

Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Search and Rescue Services - Steel City Drones
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We fly specialized drones equipped with thermal sensor cameras for Law Enforcement and Fire Departments.

Thermal imaging equipped UAV’s can be expensive. Many smaller public safety organizations simply do not have the budget to purchase all the equipment needed.

Our Search and Rescue Assist services are fully insured, with FAA Certified UAV expert pilots, equipped with HD Thermal-Imaging capability, and trained to fly under high-pressure situations.


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Drone Training

Our Drone Academy will have you producing quality Drone footage and photos for your business and/or service in the least amount of time!

Steel City Drones Flight Academy has traveled across the United States helping hundreds of Service Companies, Public Safety Agencies, and Individuals alike, learn how to incorporate drones into their work-flow. Our drone integration and training reduces countless hours in labor costs while increasing efficiency and safety.