Commercial Drone Services

Our team of professional UAV operators will provide you with stunning ultra-high-resolution videos and images suitable for print size and digital media outlets.

Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Commercial Services - Steel City Drones
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The Skies The Limit


Commercial Drone Services

We offer Drone Inspection services, Drone mapping, and project updates services.

Our Commercial Drone services are fully insured with skilled FAA Certified UAV pilots, equipped with HD, 4K, thermal capability, and professionally trained to deliver the level of professional quality you need.

Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Services - Dave King - Steel City Drones


Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Commercial Inspection Services - Steel City Drones
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Our experts deliver inspection services for buildings, towers, bridges, and an array of otherwise difficult areas to reach.

With the use of thermal technology, you’ll be able to view hot spots for quick analysis of a structure and, additionally, identify any defects, leakage, and corrosion issues. Our ultra-zoom capability will also give you extreme up-close visuals into areas nearly impossible to view from a safe distance.

Pittsburgh International Airport

Steel City Drones is doing project updates for the Pittsburgh International airport
Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Services - Dave King - Steel City Drones
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Our expert team of GIS analysts on staff can help customize your project needs to deliver the right solution to you. We can turn around projects very quickly as needed.

Surveying And Mapping

Pittsburgh Aerial Drone Services - Dave King - Steel City Drones
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We offer orthomosiacs, topographic contour mapping, planimetrics, volumetric calculations, obliques, and on-site photography & video to document progress to projects.

3D orthomosaic pictures provide a uniform scale and has the same lack of distortion as a map. This gives our clients a 3D aerial concept of the site which can be used for future planning or project progress. An orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances.

Our UAVs take photogrammetric measurements to produce high-accuracy topographic mapping. A line of site can be developed from each picture to different points on the object.

Our 3D software can be used to calculate the volume difference of an area surveyed once the data is collected by the UAV. This is great for stock pile applications

Data Collection

Our UAV technology is efficient, safe, accurate, and on the cutting edge of the industry to bring our customers the best possible deliverables. We can provide data control points on the ground and tie them into our projects



Our data collection experts use the latest advanced software in the industry to handle large volumes of data that come with Point cloud processing in a virtual 3D environment.


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Drone Training

Our Drone Academy will have you producing quality Drone footage and photos for your business and/or service in the least amount of time!

Steel City Drones Flight Academy has traveled across the United States helping hundreds of Service Companies, Public Safety Agencies, and Individuals alike, learn how to incorporate drones into their work-flow. Our drone integration and training reduces countless hours in labor costs while increasing efficiency and safety.